No Flags.  No Symbols.  No Borders.  No Prisons.  No Gods.  No Masters.

“You cannot go there, for it is not a place. It exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors. But you cannot recognize a Shambhala warrior by sight, for there is no uniform or insignia, there are no flags. And there are no barricades from which to threaten the enemy, for the Shambhala warriors have no land of their own. Always they move on the terrain of the barbarians themselves.”

My name is Casey.  I am Cascadian.  My Ancestors and I have been fighting the reality of an abstraction called the Anglo Empire for over 800 years.   The same fight started on Turtle Island over 500 years ago, and made it to Cascadia 220 years ago.  But the big fight, this War, started 10,000 years ago at least.  The war is called Civilization.  It’s not about race or blood and soil, it’s about Ideology in an all out war against the Earth and humanity.  We resist because we win.  Then we don’t have to resist.  We can just live.  That’s my story.


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